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  • Intelligent Browser Support

    If HTML5 doesn’t work you’re probably using IE.  Sounds like a biased joke doesn’t it?  Well in some aspects it’s 100% correct. Adrian Bateman, a program manager at Microsoft’s ID group stated once that they flat out don’t want to conform to the HTML5 <keygen> specification.    As a matter of fact, they want it

  • Easy 2-Factor F5 APM deployment with an iAPP

    SecureAuth is please to release the first enterprise grade variable authentication service that’s deployable with an iApp. What’s a Variable Authentication Service?  It’s SSO & or 2-Factor to your SaaS applications, VPN or whatever you’d like!  It’s easy to use & deploy 2-Factor authentication for users trying to access your Sharepoint, Citrix or webtop deployment.  It’s also