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  • Intelligent Browser Support

    If HTML5 doesn’t work you’re probably using IE.  Sounds like a biased joke doesn’t it?  Well in some aspects it’s 100% correct. Adrian Bateman, a program manager at Microsoft’s ID group stated once that they flat out don’t want to conform to the HTML5 <keygen> specification.    As a matter of fact, they want it

  • Easy 2-Factor F5 APM deployment with an iAPP

    SecureAuth is please to release the first enterprise grade variable authentication service that’s deployable with an iApp. What’s a Variable Authentication Service?  It’s SSO & or 2-Factor to your SaaS applications, VPN or whatever you’d like!  It’s easy to use & deploy 2-Factor authentication for users trying to access your Sharepoint, Citrix or webtop deployment.  It’s also

  • One Year After “The RSA Hack” – Where Are We Now?

    A year ago, March 18th, 2011 – RSA announced that a hack occured on their facilities that compromised the security of the RSA SecurID tokens. RSA’s executive chairman, Art Coviello released an open letter which confirmed the breach of their security systems and revealed that the breach had been an attack on the SecurID authentication

  • Cloud Access is Great – What about that Password?

      Having put together over 100 webinars for SecureAuth – I also take the time to listen to other firms webinars.   (And yes – I am e-mailing and IM’ing through theirs – like others do to mine – all’s fair.) What’s relevant about the other product webinars I listen to – is NOT what

  • F5 “Gets It” – Comes by SecureAuth Booth for BYOD Story

    Had the pleasure of F5′s (wonderful) Peter Silva come by the SecureAuth booth @ RSA and record our BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) Story.   Video Blog:    RSA 2012 Spotlight – SecureAuth The SecureAuth BYOD story is what the IT world is clammoring for: Agnostic device 2-Factor authentication iPhone, iPad, Android, Nook, Kindle Full