• A Quick Guide to Authentication for VPNs

    How Secure Is Your VPN? The Virtual Private Network (VPN) has been a staple of corporate productivity since the 1990’s for employee remote access.  Typically utilized to grant users wide access to protected resources when outside of the organization’s physical walls, VPNs are vital for corporate productivity, while at the same time present a thorn

  • The Identity Issue: September 4, 2014

    The Identity Issue is a monthly newsletter brought to you by SecureAuth. It includes company and industry articles to inform our community of the latest in security news, trends and culture.   Risk-based Authentication and More with IdP 8.0  To augment the security of the authentication process, risk-based authentication takes into account several factors in calculating

  • Are Passwords a Thing of the Past?

    This article published last week from the BBC:  quotes Dr. Ant Allan – an authentication expert at Gartner, and outlines some of the future alternative methods of authentication that could be used as a substitute for the traditional password. The article discusses password alternatives, such as biometrics – which we’re already starting to see

  • Cloud Storage Security Review

    Working for a security company, SecureAuth team members are always curious about what security features are available for the many consumer web services that we use. In this review, we compared seven consumer cloud storage services and judged them based on the amount of free space given and the sophistication of available 2-factor authentication. Based on our

  • Risk-based Authentication and More with IdP 8.0

    This week at the Gartner Catalyst conference in San Diego, we launched the latest version of our flagship product, IdP 8.0. This is a groundbreaking release for SecureAuth since it builds upon our strong authentication capabilities by including several methods for evaluating risk during the authentication process, which I’ll go into more detail on below.

  • IdP 8.0 Added Value

    SecureAuth IdP 8.0 is an exciting release with significant added value for our customers and prospects. Features such as a new risk engine, 2-Factor Windows desktop login, account provisioning and synchronization, and a simplified GUI, increase the functionality and usability for our customers. Risk-based Authentication: The Next Generation Defense As online access to information becomes more

  • SecureAuth Launches IdP 8.0

    We are proud to announce the launch of our latest release, SecureAuth IdP 8.0, the first and only complete access control solution. Alongside our award-winning and patented 2-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-on, we have now included risk-based authentication with risk analysis. With this feature, IdP can analyze user and device behavior, set limitations, and automate

  • SecureAuth IdP AMI Now Available for Hourly and Annual Subscriptions

    Cloud computing continues to grow in its adoption and expand its use cases.  Not too many years ago, I can recall enterprises just starting to dip their toes into the Cloud ‘pool,’ attempting to identify the appropriate workloads to place into the virtual private or public ‘cloud’; initially gaining comfort in areas like test and

  • Second Quarter Newsletter

    It seems that nothing can slow SecureAuth down as we move into the second half of 2014. With two very successful quarters behind us, there is no doubt that this year will be our best yet. Our customer base has grown significantly, our product features continue to transcend the competition, and our international presence is

  • Your Compliance Process is Broken!

    Inflammatory statement? Possibly, but one based on the following facts: Your company spends a lot of time consuming resources to manage enterprise access You are required to complete compliance certification cycles to attest that the access a person has is correct The certification report is for audit purposes to show you are performing diligence checks