Hey CNET! We got your (Universal NFC) App Right Here!

Well we do…

SecureAuth  has solved the Universal NFC app that C|NET  wrote about in:

6 things I want to do with NFC-2

#6. Stay on the side of convenience

The requirement:

Will you have to download a specific app and open it every time you want to use NFC with something (thereby making it more of a hassle than a shortcut,) or will smart software authors also launch the app you need and get you started in the right place?

The answer –   “SecureAuth IdP for NFC“:

This is EXACTLY what SecureAuth IdP for NFC executes on.

SecureAuth provides a single NFC app that allows users to:

  1.  Swipe their NFC Card/token
  2.  Obtain immediate access to:
    •   Web Resources  (SharePoint, ASP.NET, J2EE, etc)
    •   Network Resources  (Citrix, Juniper, F5, etc)
    •   Cloud Resources  (Google, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Etc)
    •   Mobile Apps (Android, Apple iOS, Windows Surface)

It’s literally that easy – and that powerful.   (See image #1)


 Image #1:   SecureAuth authenticates the  NFC token and then provides SSO to all enterprise resources:  Web, Network, SaaS and Mobile

How SecureAuth Does it:

SecureAuth has written the app that reads the identity from the card. Actually, That was the easy part.

The real secret is that SecureAuth wrote a whole identity provider that:

  • Pulls the ID from the Card
  • Maps the Card ID to a user ID
  • Then provides SSO to whatever resource
  • That user is configured for in the SecureAuth IdP


Read more in:

pdf   SecureAuth IdP:  What’s an Identity Provider – And Why Do I Need One?

Or Watch the App in action:

      youtube SecureAuth IdP – NFC SSO to Enterprise Apps

 Or join us for this Thursday’s webinar w/ Dexa Solutions:

       register-now-4  Webinar:  SecureAuth and Dexa Solutions Present:  NFC Cards and SSO

                                   Thursday, March 7th,  11am PST

Garret Grajek is CTO and a co-founder of SecureAuth. SecureAuth is a single appliance solution that delivers configurable 2-Factor and SSO authentication for Web, VPN and SaaS based solutions.