I’ve Got 99 Problems But My IdP Ain’t One

You like security, and your users like simplicity.  Stop right there.  If you evaluate these concepts within your typical application, you will undoubtedly notice that these two things, security and simplicity, don’t come together in the same product.

Let’s take a look at this representation in a SecureAuth ACL (realm, use case, application, etc…)

You now hold the power to adjust the ACL based upon risks, applications and location of the user

For example, if someone is trying to access Google Apps from inside of your protected network then of course you need to provide SSO access.

When that same user goes home, do you think that SSO or even 1-factor of authentication is acceptable?  Probably not.  Turn the knob up to require intelligent 2-Factor authentication

These are the controls that SecureAuth IdP empowers you with.  It shouldn’t be difficult and absolutely shouldn’t require multiple products.

With SecureAuth IdP you can control access to applications depending on risks while providing simplicity to the users.

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 2-Factor/SSO Webinar:  SSO for YOUR enterprise to Google and other SaaS Resources

Maven Wave and SecureAuth Present:     Wed, Dec 5th;  10am PST