Solution Briefs

  • SecureAuth IdP for AWS and SharePoint

    SecureAuth IdP, now available in the Amazon Marketplace, is the ideal solution for HSPD-12 access for Amazon administrators and to Microsoft SharePoint.

    Download the solution brief to learn more.

  • 2FaaS Device 2-Factor Authentication

    SecureAuth has created SecureAuth 2FaaS Fingerprinting with maximum flexibility in authentication types and workflow for users accessing resources that require 2-Factor Authentication. It distinguishes itself by utilizing SecureAuth’s cloud-based service to conduct a secure, one-time registration, and then by “fingerprinting” the device to the user profile without synching or storing user information.

  • 2FaaS PUSH 2-Factor Authentication

    SecureAuth has created SecureAuth 2FaaS PUSH Authentication for enterprise 2-Factor Authentication where ease-of-use is paramount. The solution utilizes SecureAuth’s cloud-based PUSH Authentication service and mobile app for secure identity validation. The offering is unique in its ability to securely authenticate users with low-friction PUSH mobile apps that require no complex digits to enter or tokens to carry.

  • SecureAuth as a Service

    SecureAuth as a Service provides strong authentication and single sign-on without any hardware, thick clients, or compromised security. Learn more with the solution brief.

  • SecureAuth IdP for Law Enforcement

    SecureAuth IdP can bring local, state, and federal agencies up to CJIS and GFIPM standards with advanced authentication and SAML-protected information sharing policies without any extra tools or solutions.

  • SecureAuth Single Sign-on

    SecureAuth IdP’s single sign-on — transparent access to cloud, mobile, web, and VPN resources with a single set of credentials.

  • SecureAuth IdP 2-Factor Authentication

    SecureAuth IdP’s 2-Factor Authentication — 20+ mechanisms and configurable workflow combined with single sign-on, identity management services, and limitless mobile capabilities for the complete SecureAuth IdP solution.

  • SecureAuth IdP for Office 365

    SecureAuth IdP secures Microsoft’s cloud office suite, Office 365 with strong authentication, transparent single sign-on, and identity management services for on-premise or remote users.

  • SecureAuth’s Self-service Password Reset

    Rather than wasting time and money on reseting passwords, deploy SecureAuth IdP, equipped with self-service identity management tools. Users can instantly reset their own passwords securely via 2-Factor Authentication without any help desk support.

  • SecureAuth 2FaaS

    SecureAuth’s completely cloud-based solution illustrated: 2-Factor as a Service.

  • SecureAuth IdP Authentication Mechanisms

    SecureAuth IdP has expanded even further to provide 22 authentication mechanisms to enable any desired workflow.

  • SecureAuth IdP and Microsoft SharePoint

    Integrate SecureAuth IdP with Microsoft SharePoint for easy, effective, and flexible configurations and deployment.

  • Device Fingerprinting 2-Factor Authentication

    SecureAuth IdP’s Device Fingerprinting 2-Factor Authentication capabilities improve user experience and strengthen identity access.

  • SecureAuth IdP the All-in-One Solution

    SecureAuth integrates SSO, 2FA, IdM, Federation, and Mobile into a single solution: SecureAuth IdP.

  • Risk-based Authentication to the Cloud

    Risk based authentication to the cloud for government agencies.

  • SecureAuth IdP for Android

    Solve Your Android Enterprise Access Problems with SecureAuth IdP for Android.

  • Why SecureAuth APK is the Better Solution

    SecureAuth created an Android APK that runs on all various Android platforms.

  • SecureAuth IdP for Mobile

    SecureAuth IdP for 2-Factor and SSO for native mobile apps.

  • SecureAuth IdP UBC Solution Brief

    A solution brief regarding SecureAuth’s UBC (Universal Browser Credential) for BYOD business.

  • SecureAuth IdP Reporting and Logging

    A solution brief on SecureAuth IdP’s built-in logging and reporting.

  • SecureAuth IdP thru Google

    A Google Apps plug-in that enables SecureAuth IdP functionality for your Google Domain

  • SecureAuth Android Architecture

    SecureAuth IdP Android APK – Technical Detail

  • SecureAuth for Certificate Delivery

    SecureAuth IdP for X.509v3 Certificates for Desktop and Mobile

  • SAML Portal

    SecureAuth IdP SAML Portal Solution Brief


    SecureAuth Solution Brief for

  • SaaS Applications

    SecureAuth Solution Brief for SaaS Applications

  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access

    SecureAuth Solution Brief for Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  • Microsoft Forefront UAG

    SecureAuth Solution Brief for Microsoft Forefront UAG

  • Google Apps iOS Provisioning

    Apple iOS Account/Password Provisioning for Google

  • Google Apps

    SecureAuth Solution Brief for Google Apps

  • F5 SSL VPN

    SecureAuth Solution Brief for F5 Firepass SSL VPN

  • F5 Big-IP APM

    SecureAuth Solution Brief for F5 BIG-IP APM

  • Cisco SSL VPN

    SecureAuth Solution Brief for Cisco SSL VPN

  • Cisco IPsec Virtual Private Network

    SecureAuth Solution Brief for Cisco IPsec VPN

  • Cisco IPSec to SSL Migration

    SecureAuth IdP Facilitates Secure Migration from Cisco IPSec to SSL VPN Remote access

  • CAC Cards

    SecureAuth Solution Brief for CAC Cards