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Talk About March Madness – IdP is 2 for 2!

While it’s no Cinderella story - sorry to disappoint Dick Vitale - IdP is on a run. Now officially two for two in the annual SC Magazine awards with the announcement this week that it made the shortlist of finalists for the 2015 SC Magazine Awards Europe in the Best Multifactor Solution category. Winners - determined by a panel of judges - will be announced on June 2 at a presentation in London. 

Free Your Mind to Multifactor

Yahoo recently unveiled a new product strategy for authentication to its suite of products. The scheme allows users to authenticate without a static password, using an “on-demand" password, sent to the users phone via SMS. In effect, Yahoo is parting ways with the standard password model. Yahoo’s attention to the topic of authentication is commendable. The topic does not get nearly enough attention from the large internet firms. “Moving beyond the password” has be...

Strong Authentication Should Be Top Federal Priority

In late February, the OMB E-Gov Cyber unit released the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) report to Congress for the fiscal year 2014. The FISMA report details metrics on the implementation of cybersecurity initiatives across the federal government. Fiscal year 2014 showed modest improvements across many initiatives but illuminated some startling statistics, particularly around strong authentication.

Does your Access Control strategy have all the As you need? Find out in our next webcast

The traditional three As of security - authenticate, authorize and account - used to be enough to ensure a secure environment. But with the adoption of mobility and cloud technologies, IT organizations are losing control over the very resources that run their business. Not to mention advanced persistent threats forcing organizations to change their approach to user access control to have a chance at catching attackers before it’s too late. 

How Innovative is Your Security Strategy?

If someone has stolen credentials from your employees, and is using them to log in to your network and snoop around, what can you do? Innovation in your security strategy is key.

Identity Issue - March 9, 2015

The Identity Issue is a monthly newsletter brought to you by SecureAuth. It includes company and industry articles to inform our community of the latest in security news, trends and culture. 

Strong Authentication Should Make Your Users Happy

Many vendors have chosen to build single sign-on products, distinct from two-factor authentication products, making your task of choosing and deploying these products a difficult one. Complicating the landscape even more are a whole new crop of single purpose cloud service companies offering cloud- specific single sign-on or cloud specific strong authentication, again making the deployment decision more challenging.

The Identity Issue: February 6, 2015

The Identity Issue is a monthly newsletter brought to you by SecureAuth. It includes company and industry articles to inform our community of the latest in security news, trends and culture.

Adaptive Authentication for the Next Generation of Business Apps

In the first dot-com era, the internet and web browsers opened up a whole new way to doing business. Oracle, Sun, Microsoft, and Cisco made billions of dollars selling infrastructure to support and deliver business apps. Typically these apps were accessed locally from a Windows desktop or remotely via a VPN connection using a web browser. I was fortunate to be part of the first doc-com era while working at Netegrity where we pioneered the Web Access Management Industry. Enabling secure access to...

Secure Access Control and a Good User Experience? Inconceivable!

The explosion of devices — laptops, desktops and now the plethora of mobile devices — has left enterprises scrambling to control access to their resources. They know that simple username and password combinations are too easily compromised to sufficiently protect enterprise information, but they are concerned about the inconvenience that adding additional factors of authentication can introduce.
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