SecureAuth to Present MFA is so 80s: Continuous Authentication for Invisible MFA at Identity Management Day 2023
Risk Score

Dynamic Risk Score

Based on a risk score computed by our proprietary AI/ML algorithms, a dynamic level of assurance (LoA) is computed. Our approach automatically finds the optimal policy for each transaction to maximize security while minimizing friction for the user with machine learning and AI analytics. This provides a smoother user experience without sacrificing secure authentication.

Passwordless Authentication

Acceptto’s It’sMeTM mobile application verifies and authenticates all users with intelligent MFA to authorize access to applications in real-time and anywhere. By putting you in charge, we prevent hackers from stealing identities, and accessing accounts and data.

It's Me App

Digital DNA

Device & Browser Fingerprint is a collection of information gathered to uniquely identify a remote device attempting access. For each discrete visit or user authentication attempt on a DBFP-enabled website, Acceptto collects information about a variety of parameters including user-agent, browser type, and screen resolution. These data points form an overall picture to characterize each specific visitor, enabling the enterprise to ensure smart and secure authentication and eliminate potential threat actors through the use of multi-factor authentication.

Passwordless Single Sign-On

Simplify and secure your login to all on-premise and cloud applications with Acceptto’s Passwordless Single Sign-On.

Passwordless SSO

Next Generation Authentication (NGA)

For too long, enterprise leaders have been forced to choose between two extremes: authentication systems with scores of passwords across different components vs. allowing unfettered access using a single password for all systems resulting in poor security. Acceptto pioneers Next Generation Authentication (NGA) as a more effective, multi-sensory, dynamic, risk-based authentication system. Learn more about the main components of the NGA stream processing as a modern system architecture with data streaming at its core.

Effortless transparency with Platform Session Management (PSM)

Acceptto’s Platform Session Management (PSM) provides 360° insight into your corporate network’s privileged sessions without sacrificing the productivity of users. Gain unprecedented visibility into all remote privileged sessions while still keeping administrators in full control. No complex installation or operational overhead. With a single point of access into your corporate assets, you don’t have to radically change the way administrators work.

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