SecureAuth Awarded New Patents for Identity Proofing
MFA is so 80s
Authenticate 2023
MFA is so 80s

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16-18 October 2023 | Carlsbad, CA | Booth #113

Get Invisible MFA:
A new approach to an old problem.

Reminiscing about the ‘80’s is fun. But using traditional MFA methods that harken back to yesteryear – not so fun. Combat traditional MFA challenges with a new approach. 

Use invisible MFA. 

It provides superior security without the friction of its legacy predecessors. When coupled with a risk-based, passwordless continuous authentication approach, you’ll be able to:

  • Exceed cyber insurance and ZTA compliance with invisible MFA 
  • Stay ahead of the latest credential threats with a patented, continuous AuthN approach 
  • Delight users with 75% fewer MFA prompts 
  • Secure all identities across all systems via Device Trust 
  • Realize record numbers in MFA adoption

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