5 Reasons You Should Join SecureAuth at RSA

February 1, 2017


With hundreds of vendors in two different exhibit halls, to countless sessions and keynotes, to a plethora of parties and invitation-only events, RSA can be a little overwhelming! Cutting through the noise and determining what’s important is key to a worthwhile and rewarding week. To help you determine if stopping by the SecureAuth booth is warranted, we put this simple top 5 reasons together.


Top 5 Reasons to Visit SecureAuth at RSA Conference 2017!

  1. 2FA is NOT Enough – Two-factor authentication is no longer enough to protect your organization and users from cyberattacks. Many popular 2FA methods can be defeated by attackers. Learn how a layered risk analysis approach (Adaptive Authentication) can both raise security and enhance user experience!
  2. Score a SecureAuth Custom T-Shirt – These themed custom tees will go quick. Make sure to stop by and get yours early. Wear it for extra raffle tickets and chance to win some serious cash!
  3. SecureAuth Chats – These short 10-15 minute talks at the SecureAuth Booth S1547 cover topics from ‘Going Passwordless’ to ‘Preventing the Misuse of Stolen Credentials’ to ‘Taking a More Holistic Approach to Security Can Pay Dividends’
  4. Win Cash! – Through daily raffles on the exhibit floor, we’re giving away $5,000! Use our hashtags during the show to receive extra raffle tickets: #2FANotEnough #Passwordless
  5. Passwordless is Possible – Removing passwords will not only have users celebrating, it can actually improve security and significantly reduce helpdesk costs. Find out how SecureAuth’s unique, modern, and adaptive approach to access control can provide you the confidence to go passwordless!

As if 5 reasons wasn’t enough…a BONUS 6th!

Cigars and Single Malts – Our 2nd Annual exclusive after party is invitation only and showcases rare single malts and hand rolled cigars with subject matter experts and key SecureAuth executives. Message us at events@secureauth.com to get your invitation!

Learn more about SecureAuth at RSA here: https://www.secureauth.com/secureauth-rsa

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