All Data is Not Valued Equally

September 4, 2013

In his latest SecurityWeek article, CORE Security's CEO, Mark Hatton, shares his thoughts on Data Value.

When Devising a Security Strategy that will Work for Your Organization or Industry, you Must Start with the Concept of Value...

Securing an enterprise’s data can be an overwhelming task and sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the forest through the trees. We get so caught up in the sheer volume of information and trying to ensure that every possible threat is mitigated that we often set ourselves up for failure. In my opinion, one of the biggest inhibitors to securing an organization’s most critical information is treating all data as if it had the same value.


We have witnessed some very public and embarrassing examples of late in the government sector that highlight that all data is not the same.  These situations have also shown the damage that can be caused when an organization’s most sensitive information is made public through a failure of security or process.

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Mark Hatton, President, CEO


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