Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

July 25, 2012

While a number of my peers descend upon Las Vegas for Black Hat 2012, I'm at a different sort of conference in Toronto, ON, Canada for AAAI-12, the international conference geared towards artificial intelligence (AI). It doesn't have the same events or sponsorship as the now exceptionally industry-driven Black Hat but it does have the same level of excitement and camaraderie of community.  Sitting in the hotel lobby, I see research partners that are normally separated by vast geographic divide come together for their annual meeting. And I must admit, it's pretty cool to meet the authors of papers I've used for inspiration while working on in the past.

CORE Labs at AAAI-12 - POMDPs Make Better Hackers: Accounting for Uncertainty in Penetration Testing

Although I had some rudimentary undergraduate work in AI, I didn't get into it until I a few years ago so I was honored to be one of the invited speakers during the workshop period. I love talking about the Security Intelligence horizon and delve into the project I'm most proud of in my career: CORE Insight. In a lot of ways, it's a real meeting of the minds: I get to meet the foremost academics in AI and I can share information on my real world deployment scenarios and discuss the challenges I dealt with bringing an advanced product to market.

So, while I'm a little sad I won't be descending to this year’s Black Hat/DEFCON (and see Core's BossLevel present), I'm thrilled to see the future of learning algorithms and automated decision-making, as well as make connections with people in this very intricate focus of computer science.

- Ken Pickering, Development Manager, Security Intelligence

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