Bringing a Legacy of Proactive, On-Demand Security Testing to the Cloud

June 6, 2011

Today, I’m proud to share news of another significant advancement from Core Security Technologies: the Core CloudInspect cloud security testing solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Given the spate of high-profile breaches in the news, it’s no surprise that organizations are actively seeking ways to proactively assess their security postures before incidents occur. At Core, we’ve long said that penetration testing puts this power into the hands of our customers – allowing them to proactively validate their security controls and helping them to better answer the question, “Could this happen to us?”

Now, as their critical information assets move into virtualized environments outside the walls of their organizations, security professionals and business leaders alike are again wondering how best to verify their IT security and answer practical questions about their threat readiness.

Along with our partners at Amazon, we have been talking with and listening to our customers and the broader community – and it’s clear that the cloud is presenting them with visibility issues regarding security. So, as we’ve done since 1995, Core Security is responding to customer and market needs with a solution that offers clarity via proactive, real-world security intelligence.

As the first on-demand security testing solution for cloud deployments, Core CloudInspect offers organizations a level of security visibility and access previously unavailable outside of their internal environments. With CloudInspect, Amazon AWS customers can verify the readiness of their cloud-based systems and applications versus real-world threats – and get the actionable information they need to address any exposures.

It’s clear that we could not bring security testing to the cloud without the cumulative base of technology that has been proven for over a decade in CORE IMPACT Professional and further honed in CORE INSIGHT Enterprise – or without the hundreds of combined years of expertise brought to bear by our research, development, and consulting services groups.

So while CloudInspect is indeed the first of its kind, I’m confident that our legacy of research, experience and innovation will make it the effective solution that our customers are demanding to verify and validate the security standing of their cloud deployments.

-- Mark Hatton, president & CEO

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