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Cisco ISE Partner Ecosystem Expands, adding SecureAuth for Context-Based Authentication and SSO

Authentication and SSO
August 29, 2016

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Cisco announced today the expansion of their partner ecosystem to drive deeper visibility and control with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) ecosystem, powered by pxGrid. SecureAuth, part of the Contextual Risk-Based Authentication and Single Sign-On solution category, works with Cisco ISE to enable Strong, Adaptive Authentication alongside seamless Singe Sign-On to on-premise, cloud, mobile, web and VPN resources. Specifically, SecureAuth IdP integrates with pxGrid to:

• Leverage data including location, device used, IP reputation, country of origin and more
• Set policies to allow, step-up authentication, or block access to resources based on risk level
• Enable low-friction Single Sign-On to applications, with zero sign-on for low-risk users
• Drive application authorization escalations based on device type, IP rules, group etc.

Context gathered from Cisco pxGrid integrates seamlessly with SecureAuth IdP, enabling organizations to inspect authentication attempts more closely without impacting users and only step-up authentication when absolutely needed.

Learn more about about the expansion of the ISE ecosystem, including SecureAuth on the Cisco Blog, and contact SecureAuth for a live demonstration of our adaptive authentication solution.

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