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Connected Security Alliance: Stronger Together

Christine Mikolajczak
December 19, 2017

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Each year, organizations spend millions of dollars on network and endpoint security, yet breaches continue to happen. Across today’s security vendor landscape, there are hundreds of point products that protect against all points of penetration in the attack lifecycle.

While there is no silver bullet when it comes to infrastructure security, aren’t we stronger together? Shouldn’t security products work together to provide the best protection?

That’s precisely why SecureAuth initiated the Connected Security Alliance — to bring together best of breed vendors that protect your data and detect potential attackers before they do damage. Connected Security Alliance solutions are truly interoperable and work together to solve the data breach problem. Understaffed security teams should not be overwhelmed with multiple solutions from multiple vendors – the Connected Security Alliance takes best of breed solutions for every step of the attack lifecycle to create a reference architecture that works.  This increases the value of existing infrastructure without adding more complexity.

All our solutions pass rigorous interoperability testing to ensure they are compatible. The result is a reference architecture and documentation that can help customers implement quickly and painlessly. By providing multiple datasets to determine risk or evidence of the attack, Alliance products can increase the chance of detecting a breach before it happens. 

For example, many customers use our modern adaptive authentication solution to provide an extra layer of security for privileged account access with CyberArk and BeyondTrust. The keys to the kingdom need to be protected! Also, SecureAuth can receive risk score information from identity governance solutions like SailPoint and determine if multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required.  SecureAuth customers also benefit from user behavioral analytics from Exabeam, which is integrated into the SecureAuth pre-authentication risk checks. Lastly, the authentication event log data can be exported to several different SIEMs, including LogRhythm, for increased visibility and correlation.

Our alliance is strong and growing.  Think of us as your Justice League of security. I encourage you to reach out to the SecureAuth experts to learn more.  Here’s a good start

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