Critical Infrastrucutre Is New Battleground for Cyber Security

April 3, 2013

In the latest Security Week article, Mark Hatton suggests that the road towards effective security begins with a pretty logical question. What do we have that hackers are likely to try and steal, take over or manipulate? By understanding the primary motivation of your adversary, you are better prepared to defend against an attack.


When we refer to critical infrastructure, we are referring to targets such as power plants, water treatment facilities and transportation systems. These are considered high-value targets from both an economic and military standpoint and as such, have instant significance for cyberattacks from nation-states and other well-funded and sophisticated terrorist groups.

The issues involved in securing infrastructure sites are plentiful and vary from location to location, but let’s focus on a few key areas that make these facilities vulnerable. First, they are under constant attack, continuously being probed for defensive weaknesses and access points. To complicate matters, the attacks are often so well disguised that some facilities don’t even recognize when they have been probed or if a weakness has been identified for future exploitation.  To read the whole article click here:

Mark Hatton, President, CEO


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