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July 17, 2016

Do you know who’s on your network and logging into your apps? Your employees, partners and customers, right? Are you sure it’s just them? How do you know? Because they have a valid username and password? Our research has shown that stolen or compromised credentials are used in 90% of all cyber attacks.

Are you sure it’s the right people accessing your apps because you haven’t had any intrusion alarms? Mandiant published research that reports attackers can be in your systems over 200 days before being discovered. (Same Mandiant report - 69% organizations are notified of breach from external entity vs finding themselves1 (this trend is rising; 67% in 2013 up from 63% in 2012)).

With investments in endpoint, network, and even 2 factor authentication solutions, 66% of executives are still not confident they are protected2! And for good reason. Organizations like Anthem, CVS, IRS, FBI, and Scottrade were breached last year….think they had endpoint, network, and 2FA solutions? Yep.

Are you still confident you know who is in your applications? Are you willing to bet your company reputation on it? Would you like to know for sure?

SecureAuth®IdP specializes in detecting and blocking access to attackers using stolen or compromised credentials. We use six different layered risk checks to detect risky behavior before we let anyone authenticate and log into an application.

What do we consider risky behavior? Logging in from an unusual location, logging in from a device that has never been used before, or logging in using a Tor browser just to name a few. We work with our customers to setup the appropriate risk thresholds and the action that they want to take.

If we detect risky behavior, do we lock the user out? Yes, if you want that. What else can we do? We can challenge the user to verify their identity by providing a multi-factor authentication method. Which one? We have over 20 different MFA methods that we can use to allow real users to prove their identity. (Many of which allow users to use things they use everyday (email, smartphone, office phone…without having to carry a FOB).

So what if they exhibit a risky behavior, but are then able to verify their identity by satisfying a second factor? Well, we think that is important information to log and audit as part of an overall identity security strategy.

SecureAuth®IdP gives our customers confidence that they know who is logging in, and confidence to know that risky behavior will be detected and controlled. Don’t you want to be confident about your access control? Determine Identities with Confidence.  

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