Effective Security is about Solving problems, Not Chasing Hype

July 10, 2012

It had all the makings of sexy security story, a catchy name, international cyber criminals, the FBI, and the potential for thousands to be cut off from the Internet service they depend on.  Yet in the end, the DNS Changer became just another story that never materialized. Security can be a fickle industry at times. Even the most experienced and focused professionals can become distracted by hype and lose sight of what is really important, protecting the organizations’ most vital assets.  It’s easy to see why this can happen, stories like Flame, Zeus and Stuxnet tend to dominate the headlines and create a level of paranoia that can be hard to ignore.

However, if you really want to ensure that you are employing effective security measures, focus less on the hype and more on what your organization has to lose.  By being more predictive in your approach to security you can better allocate resources to identify and manage the real threats to your network.  While it may not have been Y2K all over again, yesterday was a good reminder that time spent chasing hype cycles is time away from mission critical projects that actually make a difference to your business.


Mark Hatton, President, CEO


  • Executive Desk

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