Five Security Trends for 2013

February 19, 2013

I recently became a SecurityWeek contributor and I encourage you to check out my first article, Five Security Trends for 2013.



I’m well aware that getting the C-suite interested in security can be a considerable challenge; our survey from last summer did a great job exposing CEOs’ lack of visibility into the seriousness of security threats. This year, I truly believe many execs will come to understand the value of security and appreciate that point products alone are not enough to get the job done. In order to make his happen, IT will need to take a step back, evaluate what’s new, and determine how to best leverage it so the C-suite takes notice.

So, what new InfoSec trends should you be aware of in 2013? You’ll have to read the article to find out.

Mark Hatton, President, CEO

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