Get to the Point! Questions You Should Ask Every Security Vendor

October 1, 2013

In his latest article for SecurityWeek, Mark Hatton offers some thoughts about questions you should ask your security vendors.

Here’s a concept that may help security vendors shorten sales cycles and gain a more captive and receptive audience amongst prospective buyers - Get to the point. The process of talking in circles and using buzz words and jargon such as “operational efficiency” and “increased functionality” is not a new phenomenon in the world of technology, but it does seem to be on the rise in the security industry.


In the same way an overabundance of hype has deflected attention away from the seriousness of cyber threats and the importance of stringent security protocols, the sales strategy of “being vague” many vendors are currently employing discredits what so many credible companies have worked hard to achieve.  Our job as security vendors is to solve specific problems with proven technology that was developed through years of testing and research , not jump on the latest trend with an “us too” proposition.

If I were in the position to make purchasing decisions for security products and services, I would create a checklist of questions for every vendor I interviewed and if they couldn’t provide me with a straightforward answer to each one of them, I would drop them from consideration. The following is a list of questions that I recommend everyone ask as an initial filter and you can build out and customize this list as needed as you get further along in the purchasing process.

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