Gitex Technology Week 2014

October 17, 2014

The Core Security team The Core Security team

As I wrap up an exciting (and productive) week in Dubai with our partner StarLink and 142,000 of our peers, I’d like to share a few highlights.

Data Overload: The Struggle is Real

The “data overload” problem has come up again and again. Scanners often produce reports the size of phone books, and overwhelmed by an enormous number of supposedly “high priority” threats, security teams don’t know where to focus remediation efforts. This results in a game of vulnerability whack-a-mole, with teams addressing as many as possible at random. Attackers can (and have) taken advantage of this limitation, identifying and exploiting critical vulnerabilities before the security teams get around to patching them.

Fortunately, there are ways to address this problem. We’ve had some really great conversations here about strategies for maturing vulnerability management programs, including our solution, Core Insight. So yes – I’ll be the first to admit this is a self-serving observation – but it’s always reassuring to hear you’re addressing a true market need!

Celebrating a Great Partnership and Customer Success

Tom van der Wegen, Core Security Solution Architect for EMEA & APAC, shows Core Impact in action Tom van der Wegen, Core Security Solution Architect for EMEA & APAC, shows Core Impact in action

Between sessions and networking, we made a couple big announcements. First, we highlighted the success of our partnership with StarLink, a leading IT compliance and threat driven security solutions provider serving customers in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. We signed a master distributor agreement with StarLink last year and have since signed on a number of companies in the region, including Dubai Air Navigation Services, Mobily and Eskan Bank. The StarLink team has a solid security framework that allows them to be clear with both customers and vendors – a hugely important contributor to our joint success.

We also released details around how we’ve helped Eskan Bank advance its vulnerability management program. It’s a helpful case study for others looking to overcome their vulnerability data overload problems and improve overall security posture. To summarize, we’ve helped Eskan Bank consolidate/normalize vulnerabilities from across their network, and prioritize them based on the threat each poses to their critical business assets. This prioritized list gives Eskan Bank’s security team a clear plan of action that maximizes the efficiency of remediation efforts, ensuring the most critical vulnerabilities are identified and addressed immediately, while time isn’t wasted on those that don’t pose a true threat.

Dan Buckley, Core Security Director for EMEA & APAC, accepts our award

Who Doesn’t Love Awards?

StarLink presented us with an award for “Excellence in Market Adoption,” which was a great honor for us. We look forward to continuing our work with StarLink, helping EMEA customers address the security issues keeping them, and their security teams, up at night.


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