How a CISO Can be a Change Agent Within a Company

March 8, 2013

In the latest of his Security Week articles, Core Security President Mark Hatton discusses how CISO's can be change agents.


In some companies, the CISO has taken on a Rodney Dangerfield like character. It gets no respect! And it probably won’t until both the corner office and the boardroom view security as a business risk issue rather than a technology issue. This may require the CISO to engage in some change management. But how? As a CISO, how do you put yourself in the best possible position to become a change agent? For my suggestions, and a list of questions every CISO needs to be able to answer, please check out my third article as a SecurityWeek contributor as I explore the issue, “How a CISO Can Be a Change Agent Within a Company.”

Mark Hatton, President, CEO


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