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How does Vulnerability and Access Risk Management Work?

Steven Cox
March 31, 2016

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How does Vulnerability and Access Risk Management Work?   When a company wants to prevent breaches that come through vulnerabilities, it can detect them with a vulnerability scanner. These scanners will show all vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, from tens to thousands, based on the size of the network. In addition, many vulnerability management solutions offer antivirus software capable of fact-finding analysis to discover undocumented malware. If it finds software behaving suspiciously—such as attempting to overwrite a system file—it will provide an alert. Fast-acting correction to these vulnerabilities, such as adding security solutions, or educating users about social engineering, will be the difference between exposing a system to potential threats and protecting the system from those threats. Access risk management (ARM) is the part of an IAM solution that identifies, assesses, and prioritizes risks from an access provisioning and compliance perspective. Because there are various sources from where risk comes from, utilizing access risk management helps to continuously monitor a system while providing preventative measures to manage user access and account entitlements. Having VARM as a threat solution helps when identifying the sources of potential risk. Risk sources are more often identified and located not only in technological assets but within infrastructure and other tangible elements. It is extremely difficult for IT security personnel to be able to apply an objective and systematic observation of the state of their network without a solution in place. Utilizing VARM helps to identify not only that something is wrong, but it can support the clear understanding of how, when and where to act on a potential threat. Want to learn more about Vulnerability and Access Risk Management and how it can help your organization? Download our new eBook and learn:

  • How Vulnerability and Access Risk Management really works
  • VARM’s impact on governance and remediation
  • Tools to remediate vulnerabilities
  • Prioritization for reducing risk
  • Check list for a VARM solution

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