I LoveYou, Not Your Spam

February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day! The day we show the affection to those special to us in our lives… and a day many will click on emails that are e-cards, special offers or social networking invites.

It’s no secret that those that seek to infiltrate our networks will use social trends and *gasp* a holiday representing goodwill. This is nothing new, and nothing you probably haven’t heard in the past. We’ve had worms like Storm and ILoveYou come out in the past around this time, which always mysteriously manage to cause damage.

The only things that seem to evolve with these attacks are the vectors in which they come in. We’ve gone from *.exe’s to Facebook/bit.ly links with malware.

But, the basic warning always comes down to: practice safe surfing, guys. Don’t click on anything suspicious. Run a JavaScript blocker. And, if you’re an admin, make sure your users looking for love in all the wrong places don’t get phished. Use strong passwords or two factor authentication.

And don’t sign up with “loveme” at this time of year… Your password shouldn’t be a cry for help.

Also, while I’m giving out reminders and advice: Call your mother. She misses hearing from you.

- Ken Pickering, Development Manager, Security Intelligence




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