I'm a Fortune 500 Company and I've Been Hacked

April 10, 2013


In his latest SecurityWeek article, CORE Security President and CEO Mark Hatton discusses an interesting phenomenon. He has noticed that CEOs are not only willing to admit their companies have suffered breaches; they often go so far as to appear enthusiastic when making the admissions.

Perhaps this is because trendsetting entities like Apple, Google and Facebook have made it ok to do so. These companies, viewed as the leaders in Internet technology, have all been open about getting hacked.


Of course, every company with an Internet connection is at risk. But companies should be very careful about using the “It’s happening to everyone, there is nothing I can do” defense. This is a cop-out, and we are already seeing courts and industry overseers hold companies to a higher standard in that every reasonable step must have been to identify and mitigate the threat. For more on this topic, you can find the entire post here.

Mark Hatton, President, CEO


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