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Implement Arculix for Zero Trust Security and Continuous Authentication

Arclix Implementation
Steve Goldberg
Senior Product Manager
September 22, 2022

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I know a lot of buzzwords get thrown at you every day with products that want to help you implement Zero Trust, passwordless, adaptive and continuous authentication. But have you matured your identity and access management (IAM) implementation to check any of these initiatives off your list?

We recently announced the release of Arculix, the next-gen risk-based authentication product from SecureAuth, which makes it simple to deploy these advanced security practices. Imagine how happy your organization will be if they never have to re-authenticate into any app or service once they’ve logged into their device. Backed by patented AI/ML based risk engine, Arculix provides a frictionless and passwordless digital journey from the moment the user turns on their device. From there, our algorithms generate a dynamic level of assurance that is used to determine the user’s risk based on thousands of attributes from the device, browser, mobile and user behavior.

We know it’s nearly impossible to move away from your existing identity product that you’ve poured years of work into. But we also know that many of you have not matured these implementations into the world of passwordless and continuous authentication. We are making it easy to get there. Arculix can provide these capabilities in two major ways so that we can integrate directly into your existing tech stack:

  1. As a standalone IdP that authenticates users and redirects back to another identity provider if necessary. This is known as IdP chaining.
  2. As a SAML provider that integrates with your existing primary IdP to provide additional authentication and factor support.

We want our admins to be a hero for their users who are sick and tired of re-authenticating based on binary rules. With our intelligent continuous policy and risk engine, your users will be more secure and feel more secure.

To request a demo of Arculix, click here.

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