Imposters are Among Us, Identify and Vote them Out with Continuous Authentication

Ty Chaston
December 29, 2020

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In a world where identity is persistently attacked, your credentials have already been compromised, or soon will be.

Enterprises must manage three main considerations when it comes to cybersecurity: vulnerability, friction, and cost. Vulnerability increases when utilizing insecure binary authentication methods, while friction accrues as the use of these methods become overbearing and inconvenient.

 Accumulating costs come with both vulnerability and friction: the cost of deploying and maintaining authentication solutions of help desk, breached data, multi-vendor/non-unified solutions, and lost productivity due to authentication troubles. The unfortunate truth is that the efficacy of controls deteriorates over time. Therefore, a technology that treats authentication as a continuum, instead of a binary event, is critical in defending against threat actors’ increasingly advanced tactics. This is the only way to maintain the delicate balance between the two competing objectives of IT Operations: service level-speed and secure access management. 

Your authentication needs consistency and continuity

When you combine authentication with people, people do what’s easiest: they recycle credentials. Cybercriminals harvest credentials (a trivially easy task, be it through phishing, malware, or simply via the 15 billion credentials readily available on the dark web), get into systems, and escalate privileges. Even worse, they disseminate what they’ve aggregated, and the tools they employ are scalable. Threat actors can spray passwords across multiple hundreds of domains of choice, and breach the system with perfect access to all resources thereafter. Then there’s the rise of insider attacks: What you can’t see, you can’t respond to. What is necessary is real-time detection and faster mitigation. The longer we view authentication as a binary event, the higher the risk. Hence, the increasing need for a data-driven model for post-authorization anomaly detection.

Acceptto is the first of its kind delivering continuous authentication of your identity. There are no other solutions on the market that validate your identity post-authorization. Our AIML approach utilizes context and behavior to create an enriched user profile within each application landscape, negating the need for vulnerable and costly passwords.

Learn more about how Acceptto delivers continuous authentication here

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