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Infosecurity Magazine: Interview with Acceptto’s CEO

Tram Nguyen
January 28, 2020

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Our CEO Shahrokh Shahidzadeh shared his thoughts on passwords and what’s next beyond binary identity authentication with Infosecurity Magazine.


Passwords have been the backbone of user identification for years, but in the modern data threat landscape, are passwords still an effective method of authentication, or are they relics of the past that cause more security risks than they solve and are in need of replacement? For Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO at Acceptto, a provider of continuous behavioral authentication, the answer is the latter.


Shahidzadeh is a seasoned technologist and leader with 27 years of contribution to modern computer architecture, device identity, platform trust elevation, large IoT initiatives and intelligence research. It is his belief that the obsolescence of passwords is well and truly upon us and, at Acceptto, he leads a team championing the need for the widespread use of other, more advance forms of authentication.

Infosecurity spoke to Shahidzadeh to learn more about Acceptto, password security problems and authentication methods for the future.

Read the full Q&A and learn more at InfosecurityMagazine.com website.

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