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Is Your Data Safe? 6 Proven Data Security Measures to Prevent Breaches

Dr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
February 19, 2020

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A hacker attacks computers once every 39 seconds. With these numbers, how can you make sure that your company’s data is secure?

With an increasingly digital world, data security is more important now than ever before. So, is your data safe? Here are 6 measures to prevent data security breaches.

1. Use Continuous Behavioral Authentication

By now, it’s no surprise that passwords are too weak to be the primary form of data security. 81% of security breaches in 2017 were due to weak or stolen passwords.

Even two-factor authentication (2FA) or MFA can only protect you so much. Plus most users find it cumbersome, so they tend to push back setting it up. But what if authentication could be continuous?

To improve data security, Acceptto has developed eGuardian, an engine that can provide Continuous Behavioral Authentication. The engine monitors your behavior to learn how you interact with your device, what files you access, what time of day and many other signals creating your blueprint that’s unique to you. If anything appears to be different from your regular usage, the Acceptto solution will prompt you to take extra steps to prove your identity. With built-in AIML we’re able to insert friction only where necessary for seamless user experience.

2. Make Regular Backups 

If your company experiences any kind of unexpected breach, it’s helpful to still have a way to access all your information. That’s where regular backups can help.

You should schedule regular backups to an external drive or cloud folder. That way you get in the habit of this process and know the data will be there if you ever really need it. Backups should take place weekly, with incremental backups daily.

3. Update Software Regularly

Updating your software is also crucial for data security. Each update for your security software patches any holes in the program that hackers might be able to exploit. Additionally, it will get rid of any bugs that might cause the software to malfunction.

4. Use Encryption on Laptops and Mobile Devices

It’s easy and important to encrypt your devices. Encryption software can change how data looks on a hard drive. This means that can’t be read without inputting the proper password. 

Today, our smartphones can hold so much data that their encryption is just as important as that of your laptops. And they’re much easier to misplace or steal. Using encryption for all devices is an important practice for data security.

5. Identify Sensitive Information

Data security is easiest to implement if you know what data you need to protect. That way you can allocate the most time and resources towards keeping this information safe. This data is likely a small percentage of your business data that, if leaked, can cause a huge loss of revenue and reputation.

6. Limit Information Access

Likewise, make sure sensitive information is only accessible to those who need to access it. Know exactly which employees can access sensitive customer data. Not knowing who can access this information opens you up to data loss, hacking, and theft.

Ready for Better Data Security?

So, are you ready to improve your company’s data security? Acceptto can help! Request a demo of our eGuardian Continuous Behavioral Authentication platform today and learn all about how it can improve your data security.

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