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April 16, 2009

So, as you can see, we’ve launched a new blog here at Core Security which we’ll be using to bring light to a wide range of topics – ranging from technology, research and business initiatives that we have going on here internally within the company, to our response to breaking industry news and ongoing events that affect our overall strategy, and more importantly, the IT security interests of our customers.

core_icon_redAs a former full-time journalist, current part-time blogger, and full-time member of the Core Security team, I’ll be serving as a “Chief Blogger” of sorts in this space, though we plan to have a steady stream of contributions for you to read authored by our many internal experts, some of which you can already see posted here.

These are people who can speak directly to the pressing issues faced by IT leadership, operational staffers and other security and vulnerability experts. I’ll be more of the “eyes and ears” of what Core is up to in the public domain, and in pointing to the outside trends that we feel our customers, partners and followers likely want to learn more about. This will include our response to things that other people are writing and saying about Core and its products, or IT security issues in general.

In addition to letting the outside world know more about who Core really is, and how we go about conducting our vulnerability research and building our products, we hope to further establish our voice as a leading source of expertise in the field of security assessment, vulnerability and risk management, and of course, penetration testing.

While many elements of vulnerability management, including penetration testing, have been around for decades, there are also clearly a lot of new things being written and said these days about the maturation of the overall process, and where technologies like CORE IMPACT can fit in and help customers meet their goals.

Like any other blog, we welcome the participation of anyone interested in reading our posts in creating broader conversations through feedback, suggestions and comments. When we’ve fostered a regular give-and-take, or post blogs that draw a lot of attention to that end, we’ll know that we’re doing something right, at least in terms of initializing important conversations.

In the meantime, we’ll be trying to deliver fresh content here that ties what we do to the larger trends that echo across the entire IT security space.

For starters, I’ll be on the ground at the annual RSA Conference next week in San Francisco, where in addition to highlighting some of the trends and stories that emerge from this seminal industry confab, I’ll be posting some of the high points of two speaking engagements that Core was able to secure for this year’s show.

We’re already hearing that there’s a lot of interest in both of our events, both from attendees and from the media, which is exciting reinforcement that we’re already addressing a lot of the issues that people really care about.

So, as evidenced by the upcoming RSA activity, and by the posts we’ve already taken live here, there should be no shortage of interesting topics on which we’ll seek to touch upon with this blog.

We hope that you’ll add it to your regular reading.


-Matt Hines, Chief Blogger



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