Passion and Relevance is Our Core

March 22, 2009

As I sit down to write this blog post, two words echo repeatedly in my mind as to why it is so important to embrace this channel of communication and the vital opportunity that it presents both to our organization and to you, the reader, as the perspectives offered in this space mature and diversify over time.

Those words are “passion” and “relevance,” a pair of concepts that are deeply embedded in everything that we at Core Security do.

core_icon_redFor, I believe that the true value that this blog, and Core itself, offers our customers, partners and colleagues in the IT security community – and really all the world outside of our walls – is a commitment to pursuing these remarkable characteristics that make this company and the people who work here so distinctly and singularly unique.

Since I assumed the role of CEO at Core almost one year ago, and now every day since, I’ve found myself amazed by how fundamentally different our over-arching mission is here than at almost any other businesses that I’ve ever been exposed to.

That’s largely tied to the truth that so much of what we do is as related to defending the interests of everyone with a computer and a connection to the Internet, as it is tied to building or selling a product. It’s as much about being a respected thought leader in an extremely important discipline as it is about competitive differentiation.

This is a security company whose job, in essence, is not to secure anything in the classical sense of the word, and that’s something of a paradox.  What we’re really all about is working proactively to make the electronic environment we all live in a safer place to exist and do business.

The entirety of our efforts, from the mission of our CoreLabs research group in finding and testing new vulnerabilities that we share with everyone – whether they are our customers or not – to our exploit developers, and our consulting professionals in the field, is focused wholly on helping organizations and the larger IT community improve their overall security standing. This is a form of self-enabling IT security that truly makes Core something different.

All of that makes up the relevant part. The passionate element is the why.

The people who work here don’t enjoy it as much as they do simply because it’s a great place to work, or a good paycheck; the CoreLabs teams aren’t just set on building the best products, and our consultants don’t merely hope to meet the objectives specifically outlined in their contracts.

Everyone here, and everything we involve ourselves in, is aimed entirely at making the electronic world a more secure place to reside. Other companies can make similar claims, but how much of their lifeblood is, as ours, dedicated to work that may never find its way into their products or boost their bottom lines?

It’s not to overstate our significance, for the IT security industry must have a community approach to succeed and solve our most complex problems, but so much of what we do here at Core is as much related to making a difference in improving the electronic environment for everyone as it is directly tied to making a profit. 

That’s the piece of what we do that’s all about passion, and it’s why our people show up for work every day so fired up to make an impact, if you would.

You’ll hear from a range of voices from within Core in this blog in the coming months and years, and those contributors will address a broad expanse of issues regarding security, vulnerability research and business that will likely relate to many different aspects of your own work and thought process.

And, I think that despite variety of topics that are covered, you will find that passion and relevance are fundamental hallmarks of everything that we talk about.

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to engage in the wider discussions that the sharing of ideas in this blog aims to inspire and you’ll be excited to read what we have to say.

I know that I already am.

-Mark Hatton, CEO and President


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