Passwordless Authentication: Making the Dream a Reality

Keith Graham
December 06, 2016

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Have you ever tried to get some critical work done, only to be challenged by the system to change your password? Have you ever been locked out because you can’t remember which of your passwords goes with which application? Have you ever succumbed to the temptation to write your passwords down, security policies be damned? And has ‘forgot my password’ become part of the login process for less frequently accessed sites and applications?

You’re not alone. There are even new names for what we’re all feeling, ranging from “password fatigue” all the way to “password rage.”

And if you’re responsible for IT security, you have one more reason to hate passwords: They aren’t very good at protecting your network or resources. According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, a staggering 63% of confirmed data breaches involved the use of weak, default, or stolen credentials and that number has been on the rise the past couple years. In a recent survey of IT decision-makers conducted by Wakefield Research, 69% believe their organization will do away with passwords in the next 5 years.

Conversely, when news of a breach hits the headlines we see a general rise in password reset calls across other sites and applications – even those unaffected by a breach. Password re-use and the risk and costs associated with it have far reaching consequences beyond just the breach of a single organization.

BUT…Two-factor authentication isn’t the best and only answer. It ratchets up user frustration, and certain popular methods can easily be compromised. Knowledge-based answers (KBAs) can easily be guessed through social engineering, one-time passwords (OTPs) are now being intercepted from mobile devices or directly from the carrier, and the two biggest providers of hard tokens have been compromised too.

You know the answer. Your users know the answer. It’s passwordless authentication.

But is passwordless authentication real? Is it available now? Is it secure?

Yes, yes, and yes. With multi-layered risk analysis checking things like devices, IP addresses, location, typing sequences, and access rights coupled with more convenient 2-factor authentication methods, and flexible authentication workflows, SecureAuth enables true, secure passwordless authentication today! SecureAuth passwordless authentication is more secure than single or second factor alone and doesn’t get in the way of users trying to do their jobs. Happy users and a secure network — what more could you want? Cost savings? Well, actually, you’ll get that, too. If you have no passwords, then you have no password reset calls. Calculate your savings using our password reset savings calculator.

To learn more about how SecureAuth can enable you to eliminate passwords today while improving security, user experience, and your bottom line, download our new tech brief, “Making Passwordless Possible: How SecureAuth is eliminating passwords while improving security and user experience”.

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