Predictive Intelligence: The Key to Success in Today's Security Environments

March 25, 2013

In the latest Security Week article, Mark Hatton explains why predictive security intelligence represents a security state that all IT departments should be working towards.


Predictive security solutions should offer insights into:

• Where you’re most likely to be hit next

• Which assets are must vulnerable and likely to be targeted

• What the early warning signs of an attack will look like

They should also bring together all of the security information accumulated by the various point products you already own to create a broad picture of your security environment. “Predictive” isn’t just about looking ahead, it’s about looking at everything you already have to effectively identify trends and thwart attacks before they occur. For more on predictive security intelligence and why it’s important, check out the full article here.

Mark Hatton, President, CEO

  • Executive Desk

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