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Press Release: Acceptto Issued Five U.S. Patents

Dr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
February 07, 2020

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Acceptto Issued 5 U.S. Patents for Authentication, Orchestration and Adaptive Authorization

PORTLAND, Ore., February 6, 2020 — Acceptto, a leading provider of Continuous Behavioral Authentication, today announced that the company has been issued five U.S. patents, numbers 9742809, 9426183, 10148699, 10325259, and 10387980. These patents have been issued for authentication policy orchestration of user devices, dynamic adaptive authorization and enhanced identity access control as part of Acceptto’s continuous behavioral authentication portfolio of intellectual properties. 

The patented technologies help address increasing identity and access management (IAM/CIAM) issues in today’s fight against threat actors. With the wit and stealth of cybercriminals, binary passwords are no longer enough. Acceptto combines its patents in dynamic adaptive authorization and identity information access control to continuously verify legitimate users across all platforms, including mobile, web and workstation applications and services, using modern and proprietary continuous behavioral modeling.

“Cybercriminals are not slowing down which means we cannot either. At Acceptto, we continue to demonstrate global innovation in the security and privacy of our customers as demonstrated by our latest patents,” said Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO at Acceptto. “Authentication has never been more important. We are continuing to provide the most resilient authentication defenses powered by the portfolio of our IP partnerships with trailblazer clients who are employing our state of the art patented technologies, delivering next-generation security innovation.”

The patents issued focus on three core principles of continuous authentication of policy orchestration, dynamic levels of assurance and behavioral modeling, and consumer-based access control:

Authentication Orchestration: A system and method for risk based authentication using context, behavioral modeling, and policy orchestration.

Dynamic Levels of Assurance: A system and method for issuing an authorization token and performing real-time multi-factor authentication (MFA) using a unique device or devices to enable authorization to perform secure services for an online service based on desired on-demand level of assurance.

Consumer-based Access Control: A method and system for receiving at an identity organization, individually or as a Joint Identity Security Network, a request for registration and verification of the identity information and configuring a specific user-selected policy for notification and authorization of such identity requests of a desired (or intended) identity service (or a plurality of services) associated with the targeted user identification.

Acceptto offers a unified web, mobile, workstation and call center continuous authentication solution that eliminates the risk of binary authentication such as passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA) and other forms of MFA including biometrics, that fall short of addressing the IAM/CIAM challenges. Using a simple to use policy orchestration and a powerful AIML-powered risk engine Acceptto delivers Continuous Behavioral Authentication™ to their Fortune 500 and SMB clients.

To learn more about Acceptto, please visit or meet with Acceptto executives at the upcoming RSA® Conference 2020, February 24-28, 2020 in San Francisco. To set up a meeting, please contact Acceptto directly at

About AccepttoAcceptto is a transformative cybersecurity company driving a paradigm shift in passwordless solutions for enterprises. Our AIML powered Continuous Behavioral Authentication™ technology analyzes and verifies user identity, user behavior, and contextual data such as device and browser attributes, spatiotemporal velocity, and network context and anomaly detection signals, etc. to detect and prevent identity access fraud across the enterprise and end consumers. Our company delivers the smartest, most resilient identity validation technology commercially available today for web, mobile, cloud and IoT devices. Acceptto is headquartered in Portland, USA with offices in Lisbon, Portugal, and Vancouver, Canada, serving global active customers in healthcare, education and financial services. For more information visit


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Jacqueline Meyer
Lumina Communications for Acceptto  



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