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Scholastic Magazine: 5 Cool Jobs in Cybersecurity. Meet Nahal one of the Cybersecurity Superheroes.

Dr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
October 24, 2019

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What do you want to be when you grow up? Perhaps it’s a cool Cybersecurity job.

Acceptto’s very own Chief Operations Officer,  Nahal Shahidzadeh along with other online security experts shares her path to becoming a Security Sleuth and how she got her career start in the identity and authentication cybersecurity space in the latest Scholastic’s Students Magazine Career Connection for STEM education.

Who: Nahal Shahidzadeh

Title: Chief operations officer at Acceptto, a cybersecurity company in Portland, Oregon

My Strengths: Pragmatic, hardworking, results-oriented

In My Job: My team and I are working toward a world where your online data is protected by your private digital DNA. Like your real DNA, digital DNA can differentiate you and prevent bad guys from accessing your data. We create it by measuring your digital behaviors—like how long it takes you to enter a password. If you’re taking longer than normal to input the “rhythm” of your password (which could happen if someone is trying to login as you), my company’s technology will alert you.

What I Like Best About My Job :There are some similarities to the technology in a spy movie. While we aren’t hanging from ceilings to avoid laser lights, we are using cool technologies that mix artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavior modeling.

Growing Up: I was always interested in math and science, but I was not fantastic in it. I just worked hard in school!

Pro Tip: Regardless of your interest in cybersecurity, take some classes in logic. It’s the foundation of critical thinking.

Read the full article at Career Connections for middle schoolers Grades 6-7.

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