SecureAuth Unveils New Capabilities to Enable Enterprises to Quickly Adapt to Today’s Digital-First, Post-Pandemic Environment

Dusan Vitek
Director, Product Marketing
May 04, 2021

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Latest Release Includes Industry-First Privacy-Focused Identity Store, ‘Questionnaire-as-a-Factor’, Mobile SDK and Expanded MFA for Endpoints

The acceleration of digital transformation initiatives as a result of Covid-19 has created a lasting impact on how businesses empower their workforce and engage customers. This creates challenges for global enterprises in navigating privacy and security, and puts identity security at the forefront in this shift to a new, flexible work model and digital-first customer engagement.

We’re excited to announce the newest release of SecureAuth, available today, to help organizations around the world address these challenges. Some of the new capabilities include:

  • SecureAuth Identity Store – An industry-first, privacy-focused cloud directory to help companies secure personally identifiable information (PII) of all non-workforce and customer identities
  • ‘Questionnaire-as-a-Factor’ – The ability to rapidly collect critical HR and employee safety information (such as Covid-19 contact tracing) at the point of login
  • Mobile SDK – The ability for brands to deploy in-app adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) to employees, partners or customers with no business disruption

“As our customers transition to a new workforce environment, they are challenged with securing data, apps and systems,” said Mark Miller, Vice President South Central at Kudelski Security, a SecureAuth channel partner. “SecureAuth’s new Identity Store addresses the need of today’s identity ecosystem.”

“Identity and data management is critical in the business world,” said Todd Weber, chief technology officer for Optiv. “If anything, the post-pandemic landscape is further driving the need for enterprises to protect workforce identities in new ways, like SecureAuth’s Identity Store. Built-in privacy control functionality is an important element of any holistic cybersecurity program.

We will be sharing more detail and benefits on each of these new products and enhancements over the coming weeks in a series of blog posts, but here is a quick summary.

SecureAuth Identity Store – Privacy-first and developer-focused SaaS user directory

The proliferation of customer and non-core or contingent worker user accounts combined with new privacy requirements has created severe IT security and regulatory challenges for organizations.

This new lightweight, privacy-focused cloud directory from SecureAuth is designed with built-in privacy controls allowing companies to meet regional regulatory requirements for PII and user data management.

When globally operating organizations must meet the data residency requirements, for example for German citizens, the SecureAuth Identity Store allows developers to deploy a new cloud directory in a specific region (such as AWS Frankfurt) within the SecureAuth global cloud infrastructure. This flexibility gives companies greater control over where and how they store user data, and how they address retention of PII and anonymization of user data as mandated by local legal requirements, including GDPR or CCPA.

SecureAuth Identity Store – Cloud IAM directory with built-in privacy controls

SecureAuth Mobile SDK – Invisible MFA within your branded mobile app

Protecting logins with strong two-factor authentication (2FA) can be incredibly challenging for consumer brands. Using generic OTP-based authenticators is a non-starter where the desire is to keep the user within a familiar, branded experience.

The new SecureAuth Mobile SDK allows consumer brands to rapidly increase the security of their customer accounts by easily integrating seamless MFA in to existing, branded apps and workflows. When your customers sign into your web interface (or to confirm a specific action), your own mobile app will alert them, and they can confirm the authentication attempt. Without you having to build a massive authentication stack, the SecureAuth Mobile SDK will introduce all the adaptive authentication layers for your customer IAM directly into your own user flow.

SecureAuth Mobile SDK - Customizable MFA for branded consumer iOS and Android apps

SecureAuth Endpoint – Linux, Windows and macOS login with MFA

While logging in to Windows, Mac and Linux workstations and servers still largely relies on usernames and passwords, there’s a growing understanding that it creates a weak spot in identity security. The new SecureAuth Endpoint client allows companies to add much needed adaptive MFA to endpoint devices for use in verifying users at login. SecureAuth Endpoint further extends the machine login option by adding a fully passwordless experience where the password is replaced by two other factors, such as biometrics-based WebAuthn and PIN.

SecureAuth Endpoint – MFA for Windows logon, MFA for macOS login, MFA for Linux command line login

New PIN-protected FIDO2 WebAuthn – Passwordless authentication with 2 factors

While hardware tokens provide a unique possession-based security factor, the challenge for companies is the risk of the authenticator being lost or stolen. To mitigate the risk of abuse when a hardware authenticator is lost, SecureAuth is introducing PIN protection for all FIDO2 WebAuthn-compliant portable authenticators such as the YubiKey 5 hardware key. When implemented with FIDO2 discoverable credentials this combination allows for fully passwordless MFA.

SecureAuth FIDO2 WebAuthn login with PIN protection

“Questionnaire as a Factor” – Human-centric zero-trust security in IAM

Further expanding our adaptive authentication capabilities, SecureAuth now allows administrators to incorporate a questionnaire as part of the adaptive login flow. The responses can then be used to intelligently allow access, block access or redirect a user to a specific application. For example, the company can prevent login within corporate facilities if the user notes having experienced Covid-19 symptoms recently, but allow that same user to sign in from home.

SecureAuth Questionnaire-as-a-factor for adaptive authentication and custom login flows

IDaaS is the future

This newest SecureAuth release opens up new opportunities for well-established organizations to control security, identity and brand experience for their users, be it workforce, or low-touch customers.

To find out more or get a demonstration of the new capabilities of the SecureAuth Identity Platform capabilities, please request a demo.


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