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June 03, 2019

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Always striving to meet evolving enterprise demands, our award-winning adaptive authentication solution just got better and stronger, adding deployment freedom, enhanced security, and simple administration. It has new name, too.

In addition to security and administration enhancements, SecureAuth now offers organizations freedom of deployment, whether it’s hybrid, on-prem or in a cloud environment. The simple fact is that it is rare for an enterprise to operate solely in only one of these environments.

Very few solutions in the market can be implemented hybrid, on-prem, or in the cloud without sacrificing capabilities or requiring multiple products. This deployment flexibility enables customers to meet needs today without bending their business and processes while also gaining the flexibility to evolve in the future.

In addition to deployment freedom, CISOs and security professionals demand the strongest security without compromising user experience.

Enhanced security
At the heart of this enhanced security is the SecureAuth cloud service, which delivers advanced security, user experience, analytics, administration and extensibility functionality out-of-the-box without the need for cumbersome implementations and integrations with third-party services.

The service – which is now processing more than 5 million transactions each day – takes a big-data approach to identity, adding intelligence and increasing identity security. It informs the broadest set of adaptive authentication risk checks to identify and authenticate legitimate users without adding unnecessary burden while automatically stopping bad actors.

The SecureAuth cloud service is available to all SecureAuth customers with active support agreements without any additional licensing cost. It is also available as a service to our competitor’s customers.

The security enhancements in SecureAuth expand upon the industry’s broadest set of risk-based adaptive authentication and multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods. They include:

  • Dynamic perimeter, a new adaptive authentication risk check that reduces authentication disruptions for the users who regularly move about in a defined area such as a campus.
  • Biometric MFA, leveraging face or fingerprint biometrics from Apple and Android mobile devices.

Simple administration
SecureAuth interface accelerates and simplifies the creation and administration of secure and convenient authentication experiences, leveraging reusable templates, policies, and settings. In this release, we introduce reusable adaptive authentication policies and global MFA settings that enable customers to centrally build and manage policies and settings. When changes are needed, modifications are made once and auto-propagated across the environment.

We are also introducing the Identity Security Intelligence dashboard that provides out-of-the-box reporting of key metrics including number of logins; login by system; successful vs failed logins; MFA methods used; and more. Additionally, we are introducing a new end-user theme that is easily customizable. Change backgrounds, add logos, and modify the position of fields easily with cascading style sheets (CSS).

SecureAuth is now available to early access customers and will be generally available beginning in early Q3 2019. For more information, please read our FAQ or visit:

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