SecureAuth IdP Does it Again – SC Magazine Awards IdP 5 Stars!

August 29, 2016

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With a diverse set of functionality for authentication methods and support offered for licensed users, this product is definitely worth every penny” – Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine

We are proud to say we did it again!  SecureAuth IdP has again clenched a 5-star rating from SC Magazine for the third year in a row.  As in the past, the review proclaimed IdP’s breadth of functionality and ease of installation.  This year the reviewer, Peter Stephenson, also noted the quality of IdP’s documentation and online resources stating that “The SecureAuth website also provides clients with access to an immense knowledge database to answer most questions and a plethora of other resources.” SecureAuth IdP was rated highly in all categories including features, performance, support, and value for money resulting in an overall 5-star rating.
SecureAuth takes pride in their ability to give above and beyond customer service while still providing a product that can meet all of a clients needs. SC Magazine recognizes this quality asserting, “SecureAuth IdP provides its clients with a basic no-cost support option. If the user has a valid license, they are given all the following: The no-cost support provides licensed users 24/7 coverage support, ranging from 24/7/365 phone assistance as well as an email support staff.” SecureAuth is praised for rapid response times dependent on how in-depth the request.

Stephenson wraps up his review saying, “Overall, SecureAuth IdP is the perfect solution for maintaining secure control of user access to resources and data, whether on-premise, in the cloud, on the web, via a mobile device or through VPN. The product is easily setup and integrated into the network, has a great price point and offers great support.”

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