SecureAuth Merges with Core Security

September 20, 2017


Today, we are excited to announce that SecureAuth and Core Security are merging to become one company. Core Security is a leader in vulnerability discovery, identity governance, and threat management, which is highly complementary to the identity security technology SecureAuth pioneered and continues to be a leader in today. Together, our mission is to accomplish what no other security technology vendor can claim: Secure the enterprise across all major threat vectors with an identity-based approach to the attack lifecycle.

As exciting as this announcement is, we expect people to have questions. I’ll start with an overview:

Who: SecureAuth and Core Security’s merged company features just under 1,600 customers, 360 employees, and a global presence on five continents. The combined team brings together visionary leaders and operators from Mandiant, FireEye, SecureAuth, Ping Identity, Damballa, Courion, Core Security, Quest, and many more.

What: In addition to solving critical point use cases in access management, SSO, identity governance, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, the new organization will be the only company to provide a 360-degree view of threats with the ability to take action at the identity layer in order to protect organizations in real time.

When: The official close date is contingent upon regulatory filings with the U.S. government. We will operate as independent companies with combined executive teams for the foreseeable future.

Why: The way in which companies are solving the problem of preventing, detecting and responding to attackers is simply not working well enough for anybody. That is, leaving it to customers to cobble together point solutions that are largely based upon older and siloed approaches. Identity and the misuse of credentials is one of the single largest root causes in breaches today. Identity, in addition to solving important business problems, must be part of security to complete the picture needed to reduce time to detect and respond. SecureAuth and Core Security each separately had the same vision. Together we can offer what no company on the market can to solve this critical problem for our customers.

Where: We are a global company, with our headquarters in Irvine, Calif. We do not plan to close or open any new offices at this time.  

How: Led by the support of K1 and supported further by Toba Capital, the new company will combine to deliver a robust product suite and a formidable client base. Recognizing the need to further integrate identity, access and SSO capabilities into security visibility and action, the SecureAuth team worked with the K1 team to unite the two companies. We fast-tracked the expansion of the product portfolio and go-to-market strength based on a remarkably well-aligned vision.

One of the most exciting parts of this merger is that is the category expansion it foretells. For many years now, enterprise security professionals have been subjected to an onslaught of increasing risk that has only been matched by the number of new tools and technologies that have emerged to help organizations combat data breaches. We know, as an industry, that the vast majority of data breaches are the result of a compromised credential, which is then used to move laterally through a network in search of escalated privileges. Preventing the misuse of credentials is our mission and with the Core Security products for vulnerability detection, attack path mapping, and threat visualization, we are able to do that across all attack vectors. In real-time and with surgical precision.

We are the industry’s first identity-based security automation platform, bringing together network, vulnerability, endpoint, and identity security. Existing customers, resellers and partners will benefit from access to all of our new products and technology, and will continue to experience the world-class customer-success focus that they have always relied upon.

Customers win with this merger. A combined SecureAuth and Core Security can offer a range of solutions that protect enterprise assets, detect active threats, and enable a response action. One vendor, a single pane of glass, and a solution for the increasing complexity and sophistication of threats that organizations face daily.

If you’re interested in learning more, I encourage you to read today’s press release. Together, we are looking forward to offering the industry’s first identity-based security automation platform and seeing the great things we can do together as a combined entity. If further interested, please reach out to your account executive, or me directly at

We will provide regular updates on integration progress, product roadmap, customer success, and new research in the weeks and months ahead. 

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