Securing Office 365: How Adaptive Access Control Protects the World’s Top Cloud App

Rise of Office 365
June 14, 2017

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Office 365 has been steadily gaining popularity with over 100 million users of the cloud-based suite worldwide. But this increased popularity makes Office 365 a prime target for cyber attackers. We know that basic two-factor authentication is not enough to stop a sophisticated attacker and that certain 2FA authentication methods can be easily defeated. Why would you settle for good-enough protection for your most valuable cloud-based data?

Rise of Office 365

We think the world’s biggest cloud application should have the world’s strongest identity protection. We recently announced the release of enhanced capabilities for Office 365, providing adaptive authentication for all O365 mail clients – including Microsoft Outlook and third-party applications, such as Apple Mail.

Why is this important? Current versions of Office 365 mail clients support basic 2FA while older Microsoft clients and third-party email applications do not. In addition, users often make matters worse by re-using passwords across their accounts – so when Office 365 is compromised it opens the door to other applications being hacked.

That’s why SecureAuth’s new enhanced protection and detection capabilities for Office 365 offers the highest level of identity security. SecureAuth’s Adaptive Authentication uses pre-authentication risk checks – like geographic location, device fingerprint, IP address threat service – to determine whether to allow, step up with two-factor authentication or deny the user. Adaptive Authentication also includes advanced capabilities like identity-based threat detection and phone number fraud prevention for the greatest identity protection possible. The process is seamless to the user and can actually improve user experience when logging in from a trusted device or location. We ensure you are protected, not matter how your access Office 365.

Watch this demo which illustrates how SecureAuth can protect identities and detect the use compromised credentials. Jeff will walk through the different layers of pre-authentication checks and show how we integrate with other security solution (including your SIEM) to make administration easier. And did we mention your users will love the single-sign on capabilities?

Want to learn more? Download our new White Paper: Adaptive Access Control for Office 365. Or contact us for a personalized demo. 


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