The Security Trifecta: Finding Solutions That Work for Healthcare Administrators, IT and Physicians.

August 28, 2016

Everyone knows the healthcare industry is under attack. With almost 30 percent of the entire U.S. population impacted by cybercriminals in under a year via healthcare breaches, it’s clear that IT teams are under the gun to find security solutions that keep ePHI safe. What doesn’t get acknowledged as much: the need to find solutions that also work for physicians and healthcare administrators.

The top layer of healthcare IT is empowering staff to provide excellent patient care, without argument. But scratch the surface and you’ll see that IT teams juggle a host of competing needs, particularly when it comes to remote access.

Administrators, department heads and staff

Physicians aren’t the only ones requiring safe and swift access to ePHI. From insurance companies to hospitals, healthcare IT teams must grapple with a varied and often dispersed user base who could be accessing patient records and other resources from multiple devices and locations. Furthermore, these employees often work in hectic environments where extra security measures can seem burdensome and unnecessary. Many staff will simply create their own workarounds as a result, unaware of the danger involved in flouting security and compliance policies. Another dynamic with this group: business departments tend to consider advances in medical technology when investing in new healthcare solutions – independent of what that means for the IT team. 


Today’s doctors are on the go, often traveling between multiple clinics, hospitals and practices. They need immediate access to patient data from any device, wherever they are and whenever they need it – and that access must be secure and frictionless. They also benefit from self-service functions such as password resets, since they can’t always be on site to complete such routine items. Also, like administrators, physicians will often take security shortcuts if they find official policies inconvenient for their fast-paced schedules and life or death demands. For these reasons, physician opinions play an important role in choosing security solutions.

IT teams

Healthcare IT teams are left to meet the needs of the above groups while accommodating their own demands to satisfy HIPAA and other compliance regulations and adequately protecting critical resources from increasing cyber threats. They must manage their technology stack while embracing the innovation desired by the business leaders – which means designing security programs that smoothly implement the solutions chosen.  

This triad of dynamics presents a challenge: healthcare IT must find a solution that can deliver both secure access and a frictionless user experience. As anyone familiar with most solutions on the market knows, an inviting user experience has not typically existed alongside strong authentication – the two concepts have historically been diametrically opposed!

Until now. SecureAuth IdP can deliver both protected and convenient access – pleasing administrators and doctors with its ease of use and helping IT teams satisfy their security and compliance goals.

SecureAuth IdP works so well with all 3 groups for multiple reasons. Because the authentication challenges are matched to risk factors, physicians and staff can safely access the data they need, when they need it, with self-management features that allow them to register their devices and reset their passwords without assistance from IT. And because IdP integrates easily with existing tools and infrastructures, IT teams can support the business department’s strategies and quest innovation while still retaining control over authentication for all on-premise, cloud, mobile, and VPN resources.

If you want to find out more, you can check out our white paper for more details on how SecureAuth IdP works. Or you can hear about how a real-life healthcare organization used IdP to make their security stronger, smoother and just plain easier. You’ll discover why IdP is so uniquely suited to embrace innovation in healthcare IT and how it simultaneously offers security and a seamless user experience.

We know that healthcare IT’s mission is ultimately about saving patient lives – and we believe that SecureAuth IdP can make that job much easier.

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