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Security Vulnerability: All the Reasons Why Passwords Aren’t Enough

Tram Nguyen
March 04, 2020

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It’s time organizations realize that passwords are a security vulnerability. Learn more about password issues and why you’ll want to consider other options.

Every 39 seconds, a hacker attacks someone’s private accounts, stealing information and putting personal data at risk. You read that right- in the time it took this article to load, someone’s digital security was entirely compromised.

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to ensure that you don’t become part of this statistic. Passwords alone aren’t enough to secure your data- you’re going to need to take a few more steps to fight against security vulnerability.

Read on to learn why passwords alone aren’t sufficient and what alternatives are out there for you.

People Use Passwords Over and Over

One of the reasons that passwords are so insecure is that people use the same ones for everything. This makes sense- after all, no one wants to remember a hundred different passwords. The issue with this, though, is that if one account is hacked into, malware will be able to get into every account you have and steal your information incredibly easily.

Furthermore, everyone uses passwords on the same websites, in the same format, on the same interface. If this password-keeping software is hacked, it can simply take every password for the accounts logged into it. Clearly, this is a huge security vulnerability.

Passwords Can Be Stolen and Sold

While you might think that your accounts have never been breached, it’s time to do a fun little experiment: click here and enter your email address. The number of breaches you are quoted have happened is the number of times accounts associated with your email have been hacked.

This is proof that passwords can easily be stolen and sold online… and that the users of the accounts don’t even know. This is further proven by the fact that hacker groups often enter the Cloud and steal passwords that lead to millions of people’s accounts.

There Are Alternative Solutions

There’s especially no excuse for using only passwords to protect your data when so many alternatives exist. Even two-factor authentication is usually not enough. Multi-factor authentication services can be used on any account, meaning that you’ll need to present a password along with multiple things like secret question answers, fingerprints, or facial recognition.

There’s also behavior monitoring authentication called eGuardian that will make sure you aren’t compromised by looking at your online behavior and ensuring consistency. Fingerprint authentication is very reliable since no two people have the same fingerprints.

With the proliferation of AIs, there are a lot of ways you can stop your information from being stolen. Simply relying on a password is an outdated mode of security, especially when hackers are getting smarter and savvier with their technology. Malware is going to infect the most vulnerable account first, so make sure yours isn’t one of them.

Minimize Security Vulnerability

Though passwords are a start, they certainly aren’t enough protection to secure your information against potential breaches.

Now that you know about why having passwords alone to lock down your information is a security vulnerability, it’s time to start installing additional solutions. Click here to request a free demo of our services and see why we’re the best option for fighting against hackers.

Stay safe!

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