A New Chapter Unfolds: SecureAuth Announces Acquisition of Cloudentity

Seeing security through the lens of identity

Jeff Kukowski, CEO
October 09, 2018

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I’ve always been amazed that Superman became unrecognizable as soon as his alter ego Clark Kent put on glasses. Glasses protected Superman’s identity – they were his only disguise. They were his other Kryptonite – a potential risk that could become his downfall. Protection of his identity was arguably the most important part of Superman’s story – also protecting those he loved from the retribution of those who would seek to do them harm.

While most of us don’t have alter egos or fly around saving the world, digital identities should enable people and devices to intelligently and adaptively access an organization’s systems and data, while effectively keeping bad actors from wreaking havoc.

Yet, if our industry was in the business of protecting superheroes, it would have failed miserably. 81% of today’s breaches are directly or indirectly identity-related.

It is time for this failure to stop.

SecureAuth is committed to eliminating identity-related breaches. You’ll hear much more from us on how we plan to do this in the coming months.

One part of the solution is allocating resources where they need to be focused. 10% of the $100B being spent on cybersecurity this year is allocated to identity security, even though breaches continue to increase at record rates. It turns out that security without continuous identity security is not security at all.

Simple solutions that attempt to stop attackers at the front door are no longer enough to protect identity.  With ever-increasing financial and brand damage with each breach, identity security now must be more than putting on a figurative pair of glasses. The password has become a thin illusion of protection, and basic MFA mechanisms aren’t much better against advanced attacks. In this digital age, true identity security must be always on, ever smarter, and increasingly predictive.

Most people will tell you that they intellectually understand that identity must elevate to more than just business enablement and that security must incorporate the tools of identity to more fully reduce overall threat surfaces. However, how many companies are focusing the proper amount of energy and resources on continuously assessing risk to enable trust?

Continuous identity security isn’t simple. Today’s CISO’s need integrated mechanisms to check, verify, and collect signals, and identify threats continually to stop identity-related breaches.

As a company, we are making identity security easier by building a powerful and flexible Identity Security Automation (ISA) platform that integrates access management with identity governance, to help organizations continuously asses risk and enable trust.

The SecureAuth Identity Security Automation (ISA) platform provides

  1. A single integrated Identity Security Automation (ISA) platform – enables continuously adaptive identity security by monitoring and responding to threats across identity lifecycles.
  2. Hybrid deployment – enables organizations to choose which deployment model (Cloud, hosted, on-prem, or a combination) is right for them as opposed to being told how they must deploy
  3. Flexibility – in use case, in workflow, in components – aligning security to risk tolerances, risk appetites, and how a company does business (B2E, B2B, B2C).
  4. Best user experience – adaptive work flows, passwordless authentication, the broadest choice of MFA methods and when to apply them – all mean there’s no unnecessary compromise between security and user experience.
  5. Increased visibility – via a revolutionary, visual approach to governance that makes it significantly easier and more accurate to spot provisioning, access, and authorization issues including segregation of duty (SoD) violations.
  6. Automated protection – immediate actions engage once malicious or anomalous behaviors are identified, which help eliminate identity-related breaches in milliseconds instead waiting 100+ days to realize a breach has occurred.
  7. Open design – embraces custom and third-party extensions that can be deployed seamlessly as integrated components of the ISA platform.

Due to the uniqueness of each organization, there is no single right path to continuous identity security. And, every organization is at a different point in this journey. SecureAuth is ready to help and will provide the flexibility to deploy solutions that adapt to each company’s rules, preferences, policies, environment, and roadmap. We are committed to this.

Stay tuned for more information, solutions and resources that we’ll announce soon. We’re just getting warmed up as we strive to make our customers the real superheroes. No capes required.

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