Streamlining Vulnerability Management

January 29, 2013

Streamlining Vulnerability Management

These days, it is not uncommon for organizations to maintain two or more vulnerability scanning platforms internally, each with dedicated staff to manage and help make sense of the scan results.

However, organizations that have deployed network and web vulnerability scanning products quickly come up against their limitations. Namely: vulnerability scanners were designed to find every potential threat to IT assets. But simply knowing which systems on their network are potentially vulnerable to attack isn’t enough. With limited time and resources, organizations also need to focus their resources on the most critical IT assets with exploitable weaknesses that require immediate attention.

CORE Insight offers an antidote for the data overload that’s common with vulnerability scanners. Insight creates a closed loop between vulnerability scanning, security testing, analysis and remediation.

Out-of-the-box integration with leading infrastructure vulnerability testing platforms means that Insight can be configured to start analyzing an organization’s IT environment in minutes, not days. Insight’s integrated penetration testing and attack simulation features reduce the testing and validation of vulnerabilities, allowing staff to see which combinations of vulnerabilities increase risk, and which paths might be used to exploit a known vulnerability.

With the help of Insight, IT staff can focus their energies on analyzing and remediating threats, or implementing new security controls, while requiring far fewer FTEs and person hours to manage those products. Finally, by automating the process of identifying exposures and potential threats in an IT environment, CORE Insight increases the speed, reach and consistency of the entire vulnerability management process.

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