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TechNadu: Imagine a World With No Passwords

Dr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
May 29, 2019

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Our very own COO and Co-Founder Nahal Shahidzadeh shares her throughts with TechNadu around the future of identity authentication

Shahidzadeh said, “Acceptto is a transformative cybersecurity company delivering continuous identity access protection and real-time threat analytics with Biobehavioral AIML-powered authentication technology in an age where your identity is persistently attacked.

Our Biobehavioral AIML-powered Cognitive Authentication platform analyzes and verifies user identity by inferring contextual data such as device and browser attributes, spatiotemporal velocity, user habits and network anomaly detection signals to detect and prevent identity access fraud across the enterprise and end consumers.

There are three elements that set Acceptto apart. The first is the company’s vision and how significant/chronic of a problem it solves. Today, we are in a password and data breach crisis. On an almost weekly basis, yet another disastrous breach is announced. We started the company five years ago on a hypothesis that all of your passwords have already been breached, you just do not know it yet. Today, with Acceptto, you can prevent threat actors from getting in, or even more challenging, detect bad behavior post authorization with our Continuous Behavioral Authentication. This is superior to the traditional binary authentication including two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions that our predecessors and competitors offer which has been proven insufficient time and time again.

Another key element is the people. We have principal AIML research scientists who worked on the human brain project, security architects who were principals of top security firms such as McAfee with focus on identity. We also have a CEO and CTO (my co-founder) who come with more than 50 years of product development and research who have designed and architected ten Intel microprocessors with over 100 patents and publications plus other principals and engineers who subscribe to the vision of Continuous Behavioral Authentication being the path forward.

Another element that sets us apart is the distinguished trailblazer clients, the true lifeblood. History often forgets to credit those early adopters who allow a technology company like ours to come out of the gate and make an immediate impact. We have been blessed with forward-thinking CEOs, CIOs, and CSOs who have signed up to be our co-travelers in this journey to drive a paradigm shift in IAM.”

Read the full article at TechNadu.

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