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The Biggest Hackers, The Biggest Attacks: The 4 Most Major Security Breaches

Dr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
August 28, 2019

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As you probably know, the internet is a great place. Knowledge is gained, connections are formed, and people can stream the videos and games they love most.

But the internet also has a dark side. In just one year, 758 million malicious attacks can occur online and 262 million URLs can be looked into and classified as harmful software. 

Here, we’re going to tell you about the worst of these attacks. Read on to learn about four of the biggest hackers in the history of the internet.

1. Yahoo’s Many Breaches

The single most hacked into company on the internet is Yahoo. An attack occurs here pretty much every year, and each time it has incredibly destructive consequences.

In 2013, three billion accounts were affected when a breach in security took place. Data was stolen, records were lost, and identity theft ran rampant. Later, in 2016, over three million more accounts were stolen. Three short months later, another breach took place, too.

2. South Korea’s Scam

In 2014, South Korea had a security breach that resulted in 20 million stolen credit cards. This information was copied by an IT worker and sold to major marketing firms. 

In the end, a contractor who the breach was traced to was arrested and given a prison sentence. The same happened to others involved in the breach, but by this point, a huge amount of information was already stolen and could not be gotten back.

3. Employee Negligence: An Epidemic

While not one specific breach, employee negligence by those who do remote work is one of the biggest threats to companies and businesses worldwide. Remote work is tricky, but it can also pose a risk when a lot of apps need to be used to track workers in different countries and time zones.

Having a lot of apps in use can be beneficial, but it leaves a business open to attacks on a lot of different fronts. Since human error counts for a third of all data leaks, this is a huge problem in the corporate world.

4. Terror in 2017

Sometimes applications that fight against cyber attacks just don’t cut it. In 2017, Equifax learned this the hard way when their security application malfunctioned and leaked a disastrous amount of private information to hackers.

This information included social security numbers, addresses, company names, birth dates, and a sizable amount of credit card information. Unfortunately, while the company’s stock took a hit in the short term, no long term changes have been instituted after this terrible breach.

Protect Against the Biggest Hackers

The biggest hackers and cybersecurity breaches put everyone at risk. Whether it’s personal information, private company documents, or credit card numbers, pretty much anything can be found and stolen with the right software.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a reliable security system to keep your private information private. There’s no better authentication software out there than eGuardian.

Now that you know about some of the worst breaches in history and what you want to avoid, click here to learn more about eGuardian and keeping your data safe!

Good luck!

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