The "Grinches" Who Stole Security

December 19, 2013

In Mark Hatton's latest article for SecurityWeek he discusses the security "Grinches" you may encounter in your activities.

As we are quickly approaching the holiday season and everyone is focused on crossing off the final to-do’s on their list in order to spend some well-earned time with family and friends, I thought I would use a popular Christmas time story in order to illustrate an important point.

In the story of the Grinch, we are guided through a village of those passionate about Christmas; everyone loves the holiday, except of course for the Grinch. In our own professional lives, we are surrounded by similar-minded colleagues who are serious about network security and believe strongly that it should be amongst the highest priorities within the organization and that funding should never stand in the way of securing the company’s most coveted assets. Of course, just like in our story, not everyone feels the same way and may be in need of a bit more convincing than our security brethren.


If you are a CISO or director of security you already know that not everybody within your organization values security as much as you do, or perhaps as much as they should. When you live the threats every day you form an appreciation for the technical and business risks involved and what’s at stake if you fail to do your job. This can make for a frustrating situation where you find yourself having to battle for budget or receive organizational buy-in around new security policies and protocols. Every organization has detractors when it comes to the value of security. The “Grinches” of the company will question everything from the return on investment to security’s impact on the business and whether the new technology or resources are even necessary.

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