Things CEOs Hate To Pay For and How They Can Help You Make Your Case for Security

July 19, 2013

Below is an article that ran in SecurityWeek just before the Fourth of July holiday and that my marketing guys forgot to post.

As a CEO, I hate spending money on things that don’t help grow my business or improve the products and services we bring to market. While I know there are necessary evils in business that require funding, the thought of spending money on things that are only used in a worst-case scenario are not attractive options to me when it comes to the allocation of limited and important resources. Having spent the majority of my career in the cyber security business, I am well aware that many of my CEO brethren lump security spending into the same bucket as other less desirable expenditures and believe me, I get it.


When the case is being made for budget, my management team expects that I’m going to ask some tough questions. What is the payoff? Where does the risk exist? How likely are we to be affected? What is the potential impact to our business? These are questions that need to be answered. Bottom line, I’m looking for them to prove their case as to why the risk or reward to the business warrants the expenditure.

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