Threatpost: Google Plan to Crunch Health Data on Millions of Patients

Donovan Blaylock II
November 16, 2019

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“Project Nightingale” raising big red flags for consumer data privacy.

Google is using artificial intelligence to reportedly slice and dice personal healthcare details on millions of Americans and calls the project “Nightingale”. They claims it is HIPPA-compliant but why should consumers worry about data privacy?

Fausto Oliveira, principal security architect at Acceptto, shared  with Threatpost that despite Google’s assurances, consumers in reality have no control how the data will be used.

“From a private consumer point of view, what warranties and rights does an individual have that his data is not going to be shared with third parties that may then use that data for non-health related purposes?” he said, adding that Google still hasn’t answered certain other questions, such as, if there are clerical errors that may impact insurance costs, how does an individual ensure that the data that Google has in their possession is corrected; and, how is the data anonymized (if at all).

Read the full article on Threatpost website.

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