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Top 9 Benefits of SSO

Dr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
July 24, 2019

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Did you know that most users have to remember an average of 40 passwords? This applies to not only users within organizations but also individuals. Without a doubt, it’s virtually impossible to remember all of these and therefore this is a challenge to users of various platforms such as websites and applications.

The good news, however, is that Single Sign-On technology has now become widespread. SSO enables you to login into multiple platforms with a single set of credentials.

The benefits of SSO are quite useful in terms of offering clear productivity and improving user experience.

If you are wondering why your organization needs to keep up with this new technology, here are the top 9 advantages of Single Sign-On.

Easy B2B Collaboration

When two organizations are working together SSO is helpful as users can login into various databases easily. It becomes quite easy as it does away with the requirement for multiple passwords.

Increased Productivity

SSO solutions make workplaces more effective. Believe it or not, the minutes spent trying to remember a password or creating another one add up to a lot of time cumulatively.

The SSO solution is an effective way of saving time that could be otherwise spent and improve productivity.

Easier Auditing

With only one set of credentials, auditing has never been easier. It becomes easy to trace the usage of the application, credentials sharing and shared workstation usage.

Minimize Risk

SSO capabilities will enable you to minimize risk occasioned by poor password habits. Whereas they can be very useful, they are potentially harmful when forgotten, shared or illegally accessed. With an SSO solution, none of these events are likely and thus an organization can enjoy strong password policies.

Adoption of Company Promoted Apps

Since applications that are promoted by the organization are all in one location, users are likely to access them with ease. This improves their experience generally.

Cuts Help Desk Costs

Most help desk calls in organization concern password resets. With an SSO solution, a user is likely to have fewer passwords to remember thus reducing their chances of submitting a ticket. Password resets are expensive, but thanks to SSO, IT can use its resources more effectively.

Good Customer Experience

Logging in is the first encounter a customer has with an organization and one they are likely to experience often. The easier the login process the better for your customers. It makes their experience more positive.

Compliance and Security Capabilities

Because a single password is being utilized for quite many applications, this encourages the use of strong passwords and confidentiality in regard to the same

It’s How to Convert Visitors

Visitors at your website will no longer be frustrated during logging in. This increases their chances of converting from visitors to customers.

Benefits of SSO

So why use Single Sign-On? A simple issue like logging onto a website should not eat into your time, money and even be a security threat.

The benefits of SSO all add up to make your organization more effective and productive. With SSO your experiences and those of your employees and customers couldn’t be better.

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