Version 2.0

April 24, 2012

I started here at Core a bit over two years ago. Since that time, I’ve seen our CORE Insight product evolve from pre-Alpha code/proof of concept to the mature product it is today. It’s something I and the rest of my team are exceptionally proud of. Everyone in this group has been cranking on this release for the better part of 5 months and now, with great pride, I can talk about Insight 2.0 (which was announced this morning).

CORE Insight: New CISO Dashboard

 In the past several months, we’ve:

  1. Overhauled the Dashboard UI and added an awesome new look and feel (check this out for a close look at our new dashboards)
  2. Implemented our One-Stop Vulnerability Management System for Web/Network threat vectors
  3. Added support for nCircle and NTO in our new ‘Scanner Management’ section
  4. Implemented ‘groups’ to user access
  5. Introduced alerting for users on a variety of events
  6. Upgraded reports
  7. Overhauled our WSAPI
  8. Last but not least, we teed up the product to take advantage of our next gen attack-modelling which will include multi-vector threat analysis and execution via SQL and our agent technology.

I think the thing I think this release will highlight is Insight’s ability to integrate web and network vulnerabilities to expose the impact of SQLi attacks on network infrastructure. And, being the original “Insight Attacker” developer, it’s awesome to see this aspect of the product grow. I think it provides something that no other commercial product to date does. There aren’t too many times in an engineer’s life when he or she can say they were part of something of that.

So, yeah. We’re pretty amazed – and kind of proud – about everything we’ve accomplished over these past several months. I believe the product will benefit many customers and allow them to predict and preempt an online attack, instead of reacting to them.


I think after the post-code-binge hangover wears off, there’s a couple of hard working folks I owe a couple beers to. And maybe F1 racing. And a Duck Tour.



- Ken Pickering, Development Manager, Security Intelligence

  • Vulnerability Management

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